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Passionate About Helping Others Succeed

Team members at Equipping Leaders have dedicated much of their lives to helping people succeed. We love it when people identify what they were meant to be and do and engage fully in it. Seeing them connect with passion, and excel in areas that matter, is most thrilling.  

Eugene Wilson

Many leaders are frustrated; they have a dream but are not sure how to make it come to pass. They find it is much like climbing a mountain. It is difficult. Yet despite the struggles, it is worth the effort.

Our desires for personal growth as well as wanting to help others grow has led our team members to pursue leadership studies. It also led us to author books, write magazine articles, and develop materials that assist leaders in personal growth as well as in helping others to grow. In addition, it has offered us opportunities to speak and travel the world helping leaders and organizations grow.  


The journey has been thrilling. We love helping others succeed. This is what it is all about Equipping Leaders is about. Growing and helping others grow.