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Passionate About Helping Others Succeed

Equipping Leaders was founded with the following purpose: Equipping Leaders to advance God's Kingdom at home, in the workplace, and in the church. 


We have dedicated much of our lives to helping people succeed. We love it when people identify what they were meant to be and engage fully in it. Watching people connect and excel with passion in areas that matter is most rewarding.  

Our findings reveal that many leaders are frustrated. They find it is much like climbing a mountain. It isn't easy. Yet, despite the struggles, it is well worth the journey.


Our desire for personal growth and our focus on helping others grow has led our team to pursue leadership research and identify best practices. This journey has also led us to author books, produce magazine articles, and develop materials that assist leaders personally. In addition, pursuing our shared passion has offered us opportunities to speak and travel the world, targeting helping leaders and organizations grow.  


The journey has been thrilling. We love helping others succeed through God's eyes. 

Image by Joshua Earle


Founder & Executive Chairman

Dr. Eugene Wilson is the founder of Equipping Leaders. He excels in coaching, consulting, individuals, and organizations. He serves as the President of Texas Bible College.

His experience as a speaker, pastor, and author is driven by his passion for the kingdom of God. He has a doctorate in strategic leadership from Regent University and over thirty years of pastoral experience.

Dr. Wilson has authored books such as Realign, Seventy, Leading Growth, Rodentivity, Rhythm, The Difference Maker, Five Reasons Churches Thrive, and more to further others' leadership goals.

He is married to Kerri and has two children, plus a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law. 



Partner and CEO

Matthew Mullins is Partner and CEO of Equipping Leaders, dedicated to growing leaders at all levels. Matthew has spent 15+ years guiding businesses and leaders, leading and consulting in talent, culture, and business strategy.

He works as a global senior leader of Human Resources for an international Fortune 500 #fintech company that generates billions in revenue, leading efforts in people and business strategy, talent lifecycle and management, as well, as business partnership and growth. He has worked with global entities as an HR consultant, designing learning engagements, leading change management initiatives, and developing next-level leadership.

Matthew is currently a PhD candidate in Leadership Studies and Organizational Development, with research focused on leadership succession and Authentic Leadership (AL). He serves on the board of a U.S.-based financial institution and on the Board of Directors of Equipping Leaders.




Dr. Justin Craun is an Operations Staff Executive for a Fortune 500 company. Having obtained a Ph.D. in Business Administration with an emphasis on leadership development, Dr. Craun is well-equipped to help organizations implement systems, structures, and strategies for the development of leaders.

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