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Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done Without Losing Your Mind.

  • 2 hours
  • 170 US dollars

Service Description

Leaders often feel they lack time to do what needs to be done. Yet some leaders accomplish much in the same time allotted to all. How do they do this? I have discovered some critical insights in my studies of leaders who have accomplished great things. I share many of these insights in my book Rodentivity, which aims to call people away from mere busyness and align with purpose. In Rhythm, I sought to equip people with practical ways in which they can be most productive in fulfilling their distinct, God-given purpose. I share the insights I have written about and more in Getting Things Done, Without Losing Your Mind (delivered in seminar form, workshop, or personal coaching sessions). You can learn firsthand how to seize your divine destiny and be the most productive you in fulfilling God’s plan for your life.

Contact Details

01 23 45 67 89

North America

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